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We Have An Opportunity

January 30, 2017


I’m a registered Democrat but I voted for Trump as the lesser of the two evils with the belief that our country needs a reboot. And yes, I absolutely have many concerns, especially on his climate change stance but what always saves us is that Americans always seem to find a way. Stay true to your values but try to see the other side too. 


Now, Democrats must be the watchdogs and not be afraid of stepping in when necessary to protect us. There is an opportunity here and I hope we can make the best of it!







Thanks for hearing me out and don’t hesitate to chime in.

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  1. Rod Fowler permalink

    Mick…wondering if you worked in Topeka, WIBW, in the 1970s after graduating from KU.
    Im Rod Fowler and your name caught my eye. Seems like you shared an apartment with Mike Lewis, and worked with Dave Polson at WIBW FM.
    I worked with John Butler, of the Salem group when we both worked at ABC in NYC.
    Retired now after 40 years in radio and TV in Florida, Atlanta, NYC, KC.

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