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Happy Memorial Day everybody! Please don’t forget those who put the free in freedom

May 25, 2015

Today is a day to remember those who sacrificed to keep us safe—those who put the free in freedom.  I think about it everyday, not just today, now more than ever.

We The People

I grew up in the Vietnam War era, a terrible time to serve in the armed forces but I so admire those who did.  I regret EVERYDAY how poorly those guys were treated when they got back.  They were spit on for being a part of an unjust war—no parades, no Honor Flights, nothing but disdain for serving the country they loved.  Some of them didn’t have a choice because they were drafted, but they were there for their country and yet nobody cared.  It was a terrible time in our county’s history but for whatever reason they were there for, they did their jobs and got hardly a thank you.

I for one am determined to do all I can to make this wrong right.  Support your first responders, military, police, fire rescue—no matter when or where they served.  They are the ones who stand between us and the bad guys.

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