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The Cat In The Christmas Tree.

December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas To All!!! 

blue christmasMost would say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but did you know the holidays are also the most stressful time of the year?!  Friends, family and holiday cheer can sometimes be a volatile mix and that’s why we all need to chill.  Be yourself, don’t over think it and just sit back and let the holiday spirit come to you.  Don’t worry too much if things aren’t perfect.  The true meaning will always find it’s way.

merry-christmas-snoopy-9066336-800-600OK—–now let’s get serious and talk cats in Christmas trees.  I borrowed this very good advice for those of us who have pets from Jenny Thompson at

Grumpy Cat christmasCali 10-2014

There are over 200,000 Youtube videos showing bad kitties wrecking the Christmas tree! But Youtube is the only place I’m sure you ever want to see that.

So it’s pretty obvious that the holidays can be confusing for our pets. And it’s certainly not their fault.

Lights, dangling things, something to climb — why it’s a wonderland of fun for a dog or cat!

And it can turn into a nightmare.

Cats may be the worst offenders when it comes to attacking the decorations we put up, but dogs can also get into plenty of trouble.

So here are some tips from the ASPCA to help keep your furry family safe this year.

  • Don’t have a tipsy tree: Make sure your tree is securely anchored and that, if it’s a real one, the water area is well protected from Fido or Fluffy taking a taste. The water can contain fertilizers used on the tree, as well as lots of bacteria.
  • If you’ve got a cat, trash the tinsel: Cats and tinsel just don’t mix. It’s everything a kitty loves to play with and possibly eat. And that can make for an emergency vet visit.
  • Hold the holly: Mistletoe, holly, and many varieties of lilies are very toxic to pets. So be sure to keep the holiday plants and decorations like mistletoe well out of reach.
  • Watch the wires: While the tree itself is very intriguing to many dogs and cats, it’s the lights that can be deadly. Especially for dogs who tend to bite on “interesting” things. Keep your lighting wires well “tucked” into your tree, so they don’t dangle in front of a curious pup.
  • Wrapping dangers: Another big hazard for our pets during the holidays are ribbons, strings and bows. Keep all wrappings away from your pets — especially after you’ve opened your gifts and they can be within easy reach. Ingesting strings and ribbons can easily cause an intestinal blockage.

But if you’ve got a new puppy or kitten in the house, even your best efforts may not work.

So setting them up in a spare room to be safe until all the excitement is over and the tree and decorations are taken down may be the best way to keep your new family member safe.

Not to mention keeping all your holiday décor all in one piece!


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