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Gotta Watch Em Like A Hawk!

October 20, 2014

cheap_gas1.jpgIt took awhile but we are finally catching a break on gas prices.

So I heard about this gas station here in paradise that had regular for $2.95.  I know gas is going down but that’s a damn good price for Central Florida!  Being curious and cheap I dropped by to check it out this past Thursday after work. I figured there had to be a catch since no other nearby stations had anything cheaper than $3.09 a gallon.  Maybe it was cash price only but there had to be a catch.

I pulled up to the pump and it was cash/credit same price so I used a credit card, pushed what I thought was the regular button and filled it up.  But when I looked at the total it was obviously much more than $2.95.  I always get a receipt so I took it into the cashier and he checked his machine and laughed and told me I had selected premium at $3.58!!  Sure enough my receipt confirmed premium but folks, that is not the kind of mistake I would ever make!  I know what button I pushed and though I couldn’t prove it, I smelled a skunk.

So I went back the following day after work loaded for bear.  This time I would take a video of the transaction.

But guess what? Their price had jumped back to $3.09!!

Probably just a coincidence but what do you think?!


#CheapGas #ISmellASkunk


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  1. I’m back 🙂

  2. Welcome back—shit’s gettin’ crazy out there

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