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Racial Conversations More Prevalent Than You Might Think

May 1, 2014










While I’m certainly not condoning the recent comments of a certain NBA owner, let’s try to put things in perspective before jumping off a cliff.

The Clippers owner is a self entitled idiot with way too much time on his hands. YES, he went way too far but be honest with yourself for a minute, most people of every race have those kind of feelings—of wanting to associate with their own. It’s human nature—but you usually don’t hear about it much because IT’S THEIR OWN BUSINESS!

It’s not a racial thing it’s a social thing.

Your opinions and feelings are yours—just be sure the recorder’s not on!





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  1. and he should stay away from gold-diggers too 🙂

  2. Absolutely! He was thinking with the wrong head

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