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Random Observations

March 31, 2014


Some things must not be left unsaid so here are a couple of recent random observations:

Boy I sure am glad all these new sources of American oil and natural gas everybody’s talking about are now coming on line so we can be energy independent and keep the price of gasoline down at the pump.  (Lemme know how that’s working for ya!)  We need to call this what it is; another power grab by Big Oil with no regard for anything else but profits.  No matter what you think, we are ALL being duped and there’s nothing we can do about it.  More energy is coming on line much of it with serious environmental impact and most of it being sold to the world market.  How does that help us?

And another thing….


Now I hear that airlines have not been required to have GPS on board every plane in addition to the black box.  How can this be!?  Air traffic control is supposed to keep track of that little black box but that’s old school.  With today’s technology we have to expect more.  There is no excuse to lose an airplane that size.  Just another reason to have strong government—somebody has to watch over the henhouse to keep the wolves at bay.

And one more thing….

WPSAF Mainstage 2014WPSAF Mainstage 2  2014

At the annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival last weekend I tried to take a picture of an unusual piece of art with my cell phone and the artist comes rushing up to me saying he did not allow people to take these “shitty pictures” of his art and spread them around on the internet.  He even had no photography signs (which I didn’t see because I was looking at his art)  His point was that these were his works and they are for sale—no freebies.  I get it to a certain degree, its his art and to make a living he needs to sell it but I would think a starving artist would value any possible social media buzz that could be created.  Exposure is key and every little bit helps.

I certainly don’t have all the answers but I try to keep an open mind.


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