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Romance Facilitator: Playing Cupid On Valentines Day Is A Labor Of Love

February 15, 2014

ImageOK, I’ll admit it. 

I’m not a big fan of Valentines Day. 

If you really love someone, you shouldn’t need a special day to show it.  And besides Valentines Day puts undue pressure on us sorry palookas who don’t know a rose from a lilly or even how to find the good ones in a box of Russel Stover chocolates.

But that’s just me.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I’m a bit short in the valentine department this year, we all want to have fun on Valentines Day.  So I decided to play modern day cupid.

Actually I like to call myself a “romance facilitator”.  You however, might call me a flower delivery guy but at least I got to deliver flowers to lovely ladies on Valentines Day!  And the look on their faces is always priceless (even if they’re not sure who the flowers are from!)


As you can imagine, florists are swamped on Valentines Day.  It’s like the Super Bowl of Flowers and they need all the help they can get even if it’s only temporary.  All I needed to do was have a valid Florida driver’s license and insurance, a social security card, sign a disclaimer/hold harmless agreement that’s about a mile long, a car that runs and a little pink bow and arrow.  I’m in the floral delivery business!

Most of my deliveries were to hotels and businesses located out in tourist town, near I-Drive, Universal Blvd and Turkey Lake Rd but whether they were locals or just visiting, its amazing how good a bunch of beautiful flowers can make a person feel.  That was especially true at Planet Fitness on Turkey Lake Rd.  When I walked in with a big bouquet, the whole room lit up.  All the ladies were wondering who the lucky valentine was and who the lucky man was who sent it.  I was starting to think maybe there is something to this cupid stuff. 


It always feels better when somebody cares, so don’t keep it a secret, show some love everyday! 

Now its time to put away the little pink bow and arrow till next year.

I guess Valentines Day ain’t so bad after all.


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  1. Gede Prama permalink

    Simple but meaningful friends, greetings compassion 🙂

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