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George, Please Go Away…Again

February 7, 2014


So now Zimmerman plans to step into the ring with rapper DMX, supposedly to raise money for an unnamed charity but in George’s case, charity begins at home and this story never ends.

OK George, we get it.  You shot and killed an unarmed kid and in spite of a barrage of media uproar and all the legal posturing, you got away with it.  And that should be the end of it.

But NO. 

You think your luck will never run out.  You think you can continue to dodge the bullet.  You’re superman and you can do anything you want, anywhere you want with total legal immunity.  You just can’t stay out of the limelight, George and no good will ever come of that.  The real danger is you actually believe that you are somehow special—that you are entitled.

But karma has a way of rearing its ugly head and these days, George you’re not exactly paying it forward.  What goes around comes around, George and ya better watch your back.

zimmerman ut up the dukes31n-6-web(Would you fight this man?!)

When given a second chance, you  take it.  You don’t ask questions, you just give thanks, you stay humble and you move on.  Lay low, be a good boy and start respecting other people for a change. 

But really the best bet now for you, George is to just go away.


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One Comment
  1. I am constantly amazed at the number of people spouting lines like this:
    You shot and killed an unarmed kid and in spite of a barrage of media uproar and all the legal posturing,

    Never mind that “unarmed kid” was shown by witness statements and forensic evidence to be pounding on George, bashing his head into the concrete with no signs of stopping. Nope…apparently because he was ‘armed’ George should have let that happen.

    “all the legal posturing” — like an actual court of law? A jury ? Presentation of actual evidence?
    Even the prosecutions ‘star witness’ Rachel Jeantel bolstered Zimmerman’s case by confirming that Martin initiated conversation with Zimmerman. A confrontation that Martin could have avoided by traveling another 210 feet in 4 minutes. Just for the record; Roger Bannister broke the 4 Minute MILE (5,280 feet) in 1954. Surely a fit in shape 17 year old could have eluded Zimmerman had he wanted to, right?

    Of course, also ignored is Earl Simmon’s criminal record; animal cruelty, possession of illegal drugs, driving on a suspended license……yeah, great role model there.

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