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Open Letter To Orlando and Orange County Officials

January 31, 2014
Orange County Commissioners:
I am a 33 year resident of Central Florida, mostly in Orange County and I am concerned about the possible demise of
historic Tinker Field. 
My friend, Emmett O’Dell speaks for all of us:
Several years ago when the talk of renovating the Citrus Bowl began, I checked out the Historical significance of Tinker Field…….then the City said the renovation would not impact Tinker Field, so I was not alarmed.Now it is a different story. Once again we have been “blind sided” by the City of Orlando, since they are so good at “holding their cards close to their chest”

Tinker Field is 100 years old this year, in most municipalities this would be celebrated with ceremonies, giving the field a new coat of paint and touting its long history and remembering all of the good times, but here in Orlando we have a different mind set, we would prefer to celebrate by giving a “perfectly healthy” part of our community a “FUNERAL”.

I am not going to bore you with the History at this time but it is long and varied.

I am asking that the BCC instruct the County Attorney file an injunction to stop all construction at the Citrus Bowl and Tinker Field until the plans are altered to preserve Tinker Field in its current state.

Also I am asking that the BCC withhold any County or Tourist Tax monies from the project until the plans have been altered assuring Tinker Field being a vital part of our Community for another 100 years.

“We can not effectively go forward without looking back, if everything behind us is destroyed we have nothing to build our future upon”.

Emmett O’Dell

Commissioners, thank you for your time—please, no hasty decisions—let’s put community first!!

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  1. Everybody must do his or her part to save Tinker Field. Contact Orange County Commissioners and tell ’em to save our history!!,,,,,,

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been covering it in depth over at my blog as well and will be presenting on this issue at County Watch tomorrow morning. Call your commissioners and Mayor Jacobs and make sure this issue stays out front!

    Also here’s a story I did yesterday detailing some of the history of Tinker Field as well as the documents from the National Register of Historic Places for Tinker Field:

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