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Loss=New Beginning

January 24, 2014


My friend, Ana lost her father today.  Just yesterday my buddy Mick lost a good friend and fellow musician.  Ana’s father suffered from Alzheimer’s among other things and his demise was a long, painful process but Ana was there for him every step of the way.  I didn’t know her father but by all accounts he was a rock solid great guy who loved and cared about his family.  However I must say his passing was a blessing because caring for him was all consuming.  Now she can resume her life in his memory.  Mick’s friend was only only in his 50s—such a talented and inspiring musician was too young to go and he too will be sorely missed. 

Face it, death spares no one.  It is an inevitable process but in many cases all too painful for friends and family.  Just last year I lost my dear mother.  She had a long productive life but the ravages of old age finally caught up with her.  Although I live out of town, I was fortunate to be there when she passed.  During her last moments, I could see that she was ready to go but that did not make it any easier.  I still miss her every day.  In my family’s case we turned to hospice toward the end and they were a Godsend.  I heartily recommend reaching out to your local hospice caregivers in your time of need.  It is so important to be at peace, to be ready for the inevitable passage we all will face and hospice helps. 

But I think the most important lesson here is to live your life to the fullest.   Accept what you have accomplished and try to be comfortable with your legacy by contributing in some way to the common good—to make the world a better place for the ones you love.

We only have so much time on this earth so make the most of it—Pay It Forward!! 

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  1. Remember the past but live for the future.

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