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Many Traditions To Celebrate The New Year

January 1, 2014

Thanks to Jenny Thompson at for these traditions of cheer for the New Year:


“To celebrate the New Year, all you need is a small cup with exactly 12 grapes. You are about to partake in one of Spain’s New Year’s Eve traditions. 12 grapes in 12 seconds…the last 12 seconds of the year…will bring you luck for the New Year (if you don’t choke ).

All around the world, there are wonderful, silly and dangerous traditions for ringing in the New Year. (Dangerous? Yup…in Baltimore, they shoot guns into the air at the stroke of 12.)
One of the coolest will take place in Vienna tonight. They’ll melt lead to predict the future. Oh, and waltz. At midnight they actually waltz in the streets. Vienna, Austria has a New Year’s Eve custom of melting a bit of lead and tossing it in cold water. The shape it takes is supposed to foretell something about your upcoming year.You’re probably aware of the U.S. custom in southern states of eating black eyed peas for good luck on New Year’s. This custom is actually followed in many countries with a variety of different beans.In Costa Rica they carry luggage across the street to invite travel and adventure for the upcoming year.In some places, a single nut, a charm, or a small figurine is hidden in pudding or bread. If you’re lucky enough to find the hidden object, you’re all set for a year of good fortune. In France, you’re also crowned king or queen of the party. BUT you might also break a crown or a tooth, so be careful!In Singapore, people write New Year’s wishes on thousands of inflatable spheres that are floated on the waterfront where massive parties carry on through the night.Two New Year’s Eve details stand out as common throughout most of the world: alcohol and fireworks. Both can add to the fun. But as they say, “Be careful out there.”  Here’s hoping your New Year is safe, prosperous, and thoroughly happy. And that your molten lead forms the shape of a smile (and a dollar sign!).

And tonight, if you hoist a few to wish you and yours all the best for the New Year, here’s a number one can’t-fail tip for avoiding a horrendous hangover…Don’t take a painkiller before going to bed.

To get past a hangover, your body has to fully process and eliminate alcohol. But acetaminophen and other painkiller drugs can actually delay that process. Then you get exactly what you DON’T want — a day-long hangover.

Even worse, your liver can be dangerously stressed when alcohol and acetaminophen are combined.

So take good care of yourself (and your liver) tonight, drink water throughout, and you’ll start off 2014 headache-free.

To Your Good Health!”

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  1. pedialyte is also very good for hangovers…rehyrdrates all the electrolytes in one’s system 🙂

  2. Makes sense—have you ever had to try that remedy?!

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