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It’s Always A Few Who Screw It Up For The Rest Of Us

October 10, 2013


I just read where the former mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, convicted of federal public corruption and bribery, is facing a minimum of 28 years in prison.  Unfortunately he is another in a long line of public officials who have betrayed our trust.  Detroit has become a poster child for political and economic shenanigans right now and it’s unfortunate, but Detroit is not the only place with these issues.

What we as citizens and our government representatives have to understand is everyday we are subjected to a barrage of bad news about how dysfunctional our political system has become.  But is it the system betraying us or is it the people who are part of that system?  I believe it to be the latter.  Not only politicians, but all of us need to take personal responsibility for our actions.  We need to stop making excuses, stop placing blame elsewhere and tackle our problems.  Reform begins at home.  It is always those few individuals who screw things up for the rest of us.


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