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Same Old Same Old

May 15, 2013



I’m not a basher. I would rather build up than tear down.

In most situations, I always try to see the good on both sides and pretty much stay in the middle—especially when it comes to politics.  But when Mr Hope and Change came along, I was optimistic.  I thought that maybe some of the stink in politics would go away.  Now I realize that human nature will never change—power has always corrupted especially in politics and has always been that way no matter which side of the aisle . 

I still try to see myself as a compassionate conservative with a slight bend to the left (does that make sense?) but these latest government shenanigans have made me more determined than ever to stay informed, seek the truth and do what I can to stay on the straight and narrow.  I just try to do the right thing. 

Thanks for letting me vent.


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