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The Best Thanksgiving Ever

November 21, 2012

Boy, are we ready for the holidays.   It has been a tough year for just about everybody.  A bad economy, a divisive election, plenty of natural disasters and the uncertainties of our future prosperity, all weigh heavily on our society.    We have seen these random acts of kindness all over our great land but none so compelling as the efforts toward Hurricane Sandy relief in the Northeast.  We’ve seen the devastation now estimated at over $50 Billion, more than half of that in New York/New Jersey alone.  Both government and the private sector were overwhelmed and even at the time of this post many people still don’t have power.  But it’s true fellow Patriots, tough times bring out the best in Americans!  People helping people who need it most—that’s when Pledge4Patriots steps up to support the cause.

Fellow Patriot Jackie Andresen from Orlando had heard the stories, seen the pictures and like all of us was becoming more and more frustrated with the response by authorities.  It was obvious, help wasn’t coming fast enough so she decided to do what she could do and take action.  She quickly organized a relief drive and with the help of all the folks at UHaul and Pledge4Patriots, we spread the word to friends and family.  Health issues prevented her from accompanying us to New Jersey, but it was Jackie’s determination that got the ball rolling all the way to Tom’s River and we couldn’t have done it without her.  When funding was tight, it was Pledge4Patriots president and founder, Kevin Keen who actually drove the truck to Jersey by himself because he refused to let this mission fail!  Now he is on his way back to Florida with a smile on his face, after witnessing first hand the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Pledge4Patriots, thank you for your generous support.  It so good to see so many people going above and beyond like Jackie and friends, the Oakridge Pioneers, the good folks at UHaul on West and East Colonial Drive , the Russell Home Thrift store in Orlando, the Church of Grace and Peace, Tom’s River NJ (who stayed late to help unload) and the many, many Patriots who donated along the way.  Pictures will be posted in the next few days but in the meantime, let’s celebrate the true meaning of Thanksgiving with friends and family.  Keep the giving in Thanksgiving.

(Mick Dolan is a social media expert living in Orlando, Florida and is on the Board of Directors at Pledge4Patriots)


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