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My Humble Thoughts and Kudos and It’s All Good

March 6, 2012

I can’t tell you how good it feels doing what we did for our friend Franco Campanello at Friends of Franco yesterday, March 4th. Franco was the drummer for one of Central Florida’s most popular bands, 4 In Legion and continues to be part of the Central Florida music scene.  But, sometimes bad things happen to good people and he suffered severe injuries after a life threatening highway crash.  Now a little over two weeks later, he’s out of the hospital!  Never mind that we raised an estimated $2000 and counting for the family, but to see Franco actually STAND UP at the event, was priceless. Franco is a fighter and that’s what it takes to survive these days. The help we provided as a community will go a long way towards getting him on his feet—literally!

The outpouring of love and respect by our Central Florida music community was phenomenal.

Skin Deep, Go 80 (Franco’s band), Hat Trick, 2AM, OneIKiss, and Red Line all donated their time, rocked their asses off and that too is priceless.

And all the volunteers who worked tirelessly–forgive me if I forget anybody (I’m lucky to remember my name!) but I’m gonna try. But first, without these two people, this event would never have happened:

Steve Brewster Bruton, who helped with organizing the event, beat the bushes for raffle and auction items and provided much needed spiritual support.

Jamie Edwards, who secured bands, ran the stage along with Sammy, and kept the bands on time.

And lets not forget the rest:
Don and his staff at Route 46, for the wonderful venue and courteous service.
Cathy Artzner, who handled logistics like a real pro with some help from several people whos names I didn’t catch.
Joey the sound man, for working miracles.’s Alan Baxter and his video camera, for recorded the event for replay on (he’s editing as we speak).
Jim Reichle for his generous support of this and so many good causes in the community–he is our guardian angel!
Robyn and the family for their love and for bringing Franco right from the hospital.
Franco Jr for making his dad proud.

Thank you all for your support and now our task is to keep this circle of friends and that support going as others need our help.

It makes me proud to call Central Florida home.


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One Comment
  1. Cathy permalink

    My brother is a solid guy who comes to the aid of others. We could use more like him and I am proud we are related!

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