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Gotta Love Betty White

January 30, 2012

“Live to be a healthy 100.’  A local hospital chain claims they can help you do just that but I’ve got my doubts—especially when their plan gives lip service to proper nutrition and fitness but includes plenty of drugs designed to treat symptoms and not solve problems.  Nobody has all the answers but like with many things in life, it’s best to keep it simple.  That’s why you gotta love Betty White, who just keeps on ticking at age 90!! 

Besides a legendary career spanning more than 7 decades, Betty just won the SAG Award for female actor in a TV comedy series for her role in TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland.”

This is White’s second consecutive SAG win for “Hot in Cleveland,” also taking home the award last year. White also received a life achievement award in 2010.

She seems to take it all in stride though, in fact I’ve often heard interviewers ask Betty to share her secret for longevity, and she didn’t miss a beat: “Sheer blind luck!” 

She got a laugh, as always. 

Awhile back a New York Times reporter put that same longevity question to several seniors, and they gave her some pretty good health advice. 

Esther, 99, says, “Eat in moderation and drink in moderation.” She adds that regular exercise, walking, and yoga helped. 

Phil, 100, keeps his sunny side up: “Enjoy every minute that you’re living. I think that’s some good advice.” 

My favorite quote comes from Hazel, 100. Her longevity secret: “There’s no secret about it, really. You just don’t die, and you get to be 100.” 

Don’t over-think it. Just keep on living and keep it simple! 


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